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Metroid with Frame

Metroid with Frame

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16"x20" Tribute illustration of Samus from Metroid fighting Ridley, Kraid, and Mother Brain, printed on a thick plastic Translite.

Includes a new acrylic, edge-lit frame that can display a WIDE range of background colors using a remote control for on/off, brightness, and changing colors.

CUSTOM BUILT:  Fits 16" x 20" translites.  The Metroid translite included is a CUSTOM size, signed by Brian Allen of Flyland Designs.

EVEN LIGHT DISTRIBUTION:  Built with full RGBW LED strips and light diffuser panels to for smooth light distribution.

DAMAGE PROTECTION:  Each frame comes with a magnetic snap front cover with crystal clear plexi to hold translite flat and protect from damage.

CONVENIENT DESIGN:  Remote control for on/off, brightness, and wide range of background colors.

DECOR FRIENDLY:  Includes removable legs for either free-standing or wall mount options

EASY TO SWAP: Our snap front magnetic cover makes it easy to swap translites in seconds without any tools.

  • Power cord
  • Remote control – on/off, brightness, and color controls
  • Picture hanging wire to hang your translite anywhere you choose
  • Battery for remote control
  • Two metal legs for free-standing option
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