About Us

LIT FRAMES offers premium, fully featured backlit frames for lighting up your game room, office, and home theater. Our goal is to provide the best backlit frame, at a tremendous value, backed by superior customer service.

Our founder, Brad Hunter, has been a pinball enthusiast for 25+ years and is always on the hunt for mods and other ways to improve his personal pins and the game room they live in.

One day, he was cleaning up a parts shelf and picked up a cardboard tube with rolled up translites, waiting to be displayed. He knew the beautiful artwork deserved to be lit up and proudly displayed as they were meant to be, but could not find readily available backlit frames. After nearly a year of trial and error, he finally created a product worthy to share with the world and Lit Frames was born in 2019.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Use our Contact Us page to connect with me. 

Happy flippin'!

- Brad


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