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Arcade Bosses with Frame

Arcade Bosses with Frame

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This was the official artwork for the Midwest Gaming Classic created by Brian Allen. The artist-signed artwork features illustrations inspired by some of the fiercest arcade, pinball, and retro gaming villains confronting our hero. Brian included art inspired by Bowser, Mother Brain, Dr. Robotnik, Centipede, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Medieval Madness, and Attack From Mars.  Mashup created and signed by Brian Allen of Flyland designs. Printed on premium translite material.

A new frame that can display a WIDE range of background colors using a remote control for on/off, brightness, and changing colors.

CUSTOM BUILT:  Fits 16" x 20" translites.  The mashup translite included is a CUSTOM size signed by Brian Allen.

EVEN LIGHT DISTRIBUTION:  Built with full RGBW LED strips and light diffuser panels to for smooth light distribution.

DAMAGE PROTECTION:  Each frame comes with a magnetic snap front cover with crystal clear plexi to hold translite flat and protect from damage.

CONVENIENT DESIGN:  Remote control for on/off, brightness, and wide range of background colors..

DECOR FRIENDLY:  Includes removal legs for either free-standing or wall mount options

EASY TO SWAP: Our snap front magnetic cover makes it easy to swap translites in seconds without any tools.

  • Power cord
  • Remote control – on/off, brightness, and color controls
  • Picture hanging wire to hang your translite anywhere you choose
  • Battery for remote control
  • Two metal legs for free-standing option
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